“JuanLu Martínez García (Valencia, 1970) was one of the authors of the great RCD Espanyol de Barcelona youth academy.”

“JuanLu Martínez García (Valencia, 1970) was one of the authors of the great Quarry of RCD Espanyol de Barcelona until this summer. Now he wants to repeat at Dynamo Moscow ”.

“Our main objective is to create footballers for the first team. It is useless to win leagues in eight categories of Grassroots football if then no player comes up. The focus of this process is, therefore, the soccer player ”.

“We have to control all the variables, physical, technical, tactical, medical … possible to make them first division footballers.”

“We believe in an intelligent player, who has mental agility and knows how to make correct decisions based on what happens around him and who understands that he is part of a team.”

“Juanlu ended his relationship with RCD Espanyol in June. The coach met with those responsible for Barça, Real Madrid and Valencia, who offered to join their structure. He preferred the adventure at Dinamo. He was attracted to leading the quarry project ”.

“In Moscow there are five first division teams, aren’t you afraid of getting players ‘robbed’? Those of us who have worked at RCD Espanyol are vaccinated. In this stage, Barcelona has taken 30 kids from our lower categories. These were not just any players, they were our promises, the best … We at RCD Espanyol always say that the best 20 in each category go to Barça and the next 20 to Espanyol … and with these 20 we have to work so that they reach the first team and we can’t do anything. What hurts is that when you have been working with them for a few years, they leave… But it is the law of life, it is football ”.