“Juanlu Martínez leads the Dynamo Moscow Academy to a historic milestone.”

“Valencian success in Moscow. Juanlu Martínez takes the Dynamo Moscow Academy to a historic milestone. His name is JuanLu Martínez, he is a native of L’Ollería, he is 43 years old and has just led the Academy of Dinamo or Moscow for the first time in their history to proclaim himself champion of Russia from his positions of direction of training and responsible for the area of methodology”.

“Flee analytical work and aim for the integrated always articulated around the ball. That is the current trend and according to JuanLu explains to Super, in Moscow he applies it to the letter: “100% of our training sessions are carried out with the ball, where the player is always perceiving, analyzing and making decisions. We have eliminated all analytical physical preparation and decontextualized technique work, we always work with technique in conjunction with tactics. We strive to train intelligent and creative players who understand the game and are capable of solving problems ”.