“Juanlu is in charge of work organization charts for every age category in the Ciutat Esportiva (of RCD Espanyol de Barcelona). He is one of the brains of the blue-and-white youth football.”

“Japanese football is seeking the brain of C. Esportiva: Juan Luis Martínez, Juanlu is responsible for the work organization charts of all the categories of the Ciutat Esportiva. Graduated from INEF, he received his doctorate in 2004. Today, Juanlu has on the table a job offer from the Japanese Football Federation, to organize the work and training of youth football in the Japanese country and even the top Japanese team. In mid-January he will participate in a congress in the city of Nagano. He just did it in another that was held in Helsinki. Juanlu is one of the brains of blue and white youth football. Despite his youth, he accumulates a few years of experience at the club and weighs it up at the same time as that Japanese job offer. The month of January will be crucial to make a decision and hear, of course, the blue and white leadership ”.